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‘Decoding Immortality’ – How to live longer and healthier naturally

Mortality confronts each of us every day through the choices we make.  Should I drive fast to work?  Should I smoke?  Should I drink?  Should I eat this slice of greasy pizza or this fresh salad?  Have you ever wondered … Continue reading

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Is it possible to lose weight?

Is it possible to lose weight?  Come on, let’s be honest.  If you have tried to stay on a diet before, or even tried to change your lifestyle by eating healthier foods and exercising, this question surely has crept up … Continue reading

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10 ways to boost your energy levels and battle fatigue

Your energy levels affect every aspect of your life, from productivity at work and at home, to your social interactions and even your overall longevity.  Many people struggle to boost their energy levels for numerous reasons, but by trying to … Continue reading

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Why am I so fat? Could there be a link between weight gain and addiction?

I was reading an article in the USA today by Amanda Gardner (http://www.usatoday.com/yourlife/fitness/2010-09-09-fat-perception_N.htm) titled “30% of overweight Americans think they’re in normal range”, and it got me to thinking about my own weight loss struggles.  Why am I so fat … Continue reading

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Should I Do Weight Watchers?

Should I Do Weight Watchers?  Should I give Weight Watchers a try?  As Janette’s husband and a true calorie junkie, I have been wondering lately the same question many of you may have been asking yourself — Should I do Weight … Continue reading

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Confession Corner…When the Calories Win

I am really hoping that I won’t be posting too many items under my new Confession Corner category.  But let’s face it, I am only human so most likely I will be.   Today I was really good until dinner.   My husband … Continue reading

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