Who is the Calorie Junkie?

Who am I?  Well I am stay at home mom of two little boys.  My oldest is 3 and my youngest 19 months.  My weight gain started with the freshman 15 at college and continued on.  After I met my husband he introduced me to his 100% Italian Mother.  She introduced me to the joys of Italian cooking.  Cook big and eat big was a way of life.  So welcome another several pounds from pasta and homemade breads. I don’t blame her and her wonderful cooking I blame myself for not being able to say no.

By the time we married I was up an additional 40lbs from when I started out.  Then came the kids. Two kids within three years introduced another 20-30lbs.  I really used the excuse “eating for two” to allow me to go overboard with the food when I really should not have.  That brings me to today.  I am between 65 – 75 lbs overweight. I am hoping to turn it all around with in the next year or two so please join me on my journey….

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