Wow how time flies and comes round full circle

So here I am again. It has been YEARS!!! I decided to get excited about weight loss againuntitled. I decided to put me first and concentrate on finding my happiness in myself. I want a healthier body and weight. I want to keep up with the kids and lead by example. I want better food choices. I want to be eating foods that are natural and fuel my body. So…

I started Weight Watchers again. I am back to that 193 lbs that I thought I would not see again. I am back in the fat jeans. But this time I will win and this time I will make time for myself. I will put myself first and make sure my cup is full so I can take better care of others in my life.

Stress, illness, depression and so much more has played mind games with me for far too long. I am here to start fresh and find my happiness.

I signed up for Weight Watchers again and found that its is on a whole new point system. I am loving the new point system. I love that most fresh fruits and veggies are 0 points. I love that they are celebrating a more whole foods lifestyle.

So my first big challenge: I signed up online went to one meeting and promptly got very sick. So sick that I had a virus settle into my muscles and it made it hard for me to walk. So sick that I am now on day 45 of steroid treatment.

This was so hard for me. There are times I feel that every time I take the steps to better my life and do for me that something comes along to derail me. So after some tears I put my big girl pants on and went to work. I tracked any way. So I couldn’t walk to get my 10,000 steps in a day….I could concentrate on my food. So that is what I did. I wasn’t able to get to a meeting but I was able to feel like part of the WW community thanks to connect. I ended up not getting to a meeting for over 2 weeks once I had my initial meeting.

I was hesitant to go back. Then I started to remind myself why I was doing this and told myself I was WORTH it. So I went…stepped on the scale and….4 lbs gone!!!!!!! Now that is some motivation. Even my doctor was impressed on my follow up visits for all that is still happening with my body. He said the steroids usually cause you to hold on to weight so he told me to keep doing what I was doing.

I am still hobbling around a bit as the issues caused by the virus in my muscles is still not 100% but I am determined not to let life get in the way this time. I am worth the time, the effort and the money. It is all worth it to find the best and healthiest version of me.


P.S. I thought about deleting all my old post and starting new but I want to look back and remember who that old girl was. Some of the triumphs, the mistakes and the successes. I will win this time and I will have her in my corner reminding me why.

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