I’m back my fellow Calorie Junkies…

So it has been awhile but I am back. I used the oldest excuse in the book ..”life and stress”…to lapse back to my ways. I tried to stay on track during my coast to coast relocation. I mean I had all the tools possible given to me by Weight Watchers and all the possibilities to continue to drop the weight but I used the stress of moving to a new city as an excuse to eat out, not track and ignore almost everything I had worked on. But not all was lost. I did not go back to my original 193 that I started out with on Weight Watchers. Instead I am currently at 182. My lowest was 173 so yes some of the pounds have crept back up.

I noticed that my jeans where getting tighter and tighter. So instead of going to buy another pair of jeans I am back on the program full force. I have started tracking again as of today. This was a tip I got from my old weight watcher coach. Once you get out of a size of jeans, donate them so you’re not tempted to go back. Then when your jeans start getting tight again you know you got to get your butt in gear. So this is me butt in gear….

So not only have I started tracking but I also did structured exercise…like I said butt in gear. So I am curious when I weigh in next week what type of numbers I will post.

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