Weight Watchers Weigh-in: Week 12

  I was a little frustrated this week when I attended my Weight Watchers meeting to get weighed in.  I found that after a wonderful 4lb weight loss last week that I gained almost all of it back this week. I gained 3.4**lbs this week. I was devastated.  I feel like I have just been on a huge roller coaster the last couple weeks. DOWN UP DOWN UP

Roller Coaster – Blackpool Pleasure Beach by fishyfish_arcade, on Flickr

So I am just a bit frustrated, I mean I think anyone would be when they see a 3.4lb gain.  So I sat back and thought about it.  Here is my thing.  I started that wonderful monthly visitor could that be the evil behind the weight gain?  At looking at several other peoples post and blogs I believe it really could be for two reasons.  First when that lovely visitor comes I am always craving sweets than salts.  One of my favorites is eating popcorn while at the same time eating chocolate.  So was I on track with points. No not really, I used a lot of my extra points this week. I usually don’t have chocolate in the house since I know it is such a weakness for me.  However, there was a lot of chocolate in the house this week since there was leftover Easter Basket items.  The temptation was there and I caved into it.

On to my second point…I seem to retain a lot of water during this time.  This most likely is caused by the salt and sweets I take in.  So I was expecting a bit of a gain but not a whole 3.4lbs.  I felt reassured when I read several of my other friends’ blogs to find that some of them seem to have an overall 10lb swing during this time.  OK I think I would have gone nuts if it was a full 10lbs. Three was more than enough for me.  So I am going to start tracking this.  I want to see if I am a constant and each week that I weigh in with Mother Nature I am up.  It will be interesting to see.

So where does this leave me.  Well I am ready to throw out all the leftover candy from Easter. I don’t need it and I feel like my kids have had more than enough. Then hope that I am down a decent amount next week. Maybe 13 will be lucky for me…

** We are a Compensated Affiliate of Weight Watchers because we believe in the plan and what it helps men and women achieve every day. People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. **

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