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 I know personally I am in denial on how much weight I have gained.  I mean I see the number I know the scale doesn’t lie but I lie to myself sometimes.  I try to tell myself it is all belly fat and it was all from my pregnancies. Then something happens that reminds me that I have gained all over my body and I really am 50+ pounds overweight.

Scream by J.G.E., on Flickr

That something for me recently was getting my driver license photo. I had to renew the license and photo because it had been 4 years. When the guy took my picture and asked if it was ok….I wanted to scream. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO My face looked HUGE. I thought this can’t be me. But I smiled and said sure.  Then I went out to the car where my hubby and kids were waiting.

I showed my husband the side by side comparison of the two pictures and was saying I couldn’t believe how big my face was. My wonderful hubby calmly stated it was probably just my hairstyle was different and that I looked beautiful. Hello my hair was in the EXACT same style as the last time I got my picture taken. The only difference was it wasn’t as curly that day as it was on my previous picture.

Any way I will stop the ranting but it is things like this that, when it happens I hate it, but I am glad it happens in the end. It is the reality check I need. I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle and I needed to change.  I am thankful that I am on my way to a better life. Hopefully in the next four years when I have to take that picture again…there will be one hot momma staring back at me. :)

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