Is it possible to lose weight?

Is it possible to lose weight?  Come on, let’s be honest.  If you have tried to stay on a diet before, or even tried to change your lifestyle by eating healthier foods and exercising, this question surely has crept up in your mind before.  For me, it usually happens when I step on the scale after a fabulous week of self control and discipline, only to see that I lost maybe a pound or two from my weigh-in on the previous week. 

As we have mentioned in a few articles before, over-eating has a large addiction component to it.  As with many addictions, breaking that addiction has both physical and psychological elements that need to be addressed.  Let’s quickly review them below:

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Mental / Psychological:

  • Overeating when depressed 
  • Snacking when bored or to burn off nervous energy
  • Overeating because you are already overweight, so why not a little more

Physical / Chemical

  • Eating past the point of full
  • Eating more than your body requires
  • Getting the “hunger shakes” 2-3 hours after eating a carbohydrate rich meal, driving you to eat more carbohydrate rich foods

So back to the question at hand: Is it possible to lose weight?  Speaking for both Janette and I, we have both been varying degrees of overweight since we graduated from college approximately eight years ago.  That’s eight years of weight gain, a bit of weight loss, and then again more weight gain.  Specifically, I’m currently 58 lbs from my target goal of 200 lbs, and I’ve been over 200lbs for about 9 years.  Now, I could hope to lose 58 lbs over the next year, and I could possibly achieve that goal, but is it realistic?  Why would I, or anybody else for that matter, assume I could undo 9 years worth of damage in a single year?

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by infomatique, on Flickr

You CAN lose weight, however you shouldn’t look at weight loss as a time based exercise.  Your goal should be simply committing to a healthier lifestyle.  Don’t let a scale, your waistline, or a calendar define if you are succeeding.  Make the change itself the definition of success, and how well you respect that commitment the ongoing measure of that success.

As we have mentioned in the past on this blog, both Janette and I are committed to following Weight Watchers Points Plus, although we support any plan that helps guide an individual to a healthier lifestyle that is maintainable.  So if you are overweight, feeling less energetic, and want to get healthy for you and your family, please accept our ‘Get Healthy’ challenge.  What’s stopping you?

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