Weight Watchers Weigh-in: Week 8

Week 7 in my journey showed a weight gain of 1.2lbs.  I haven’t gained two weeks in a row yet on Weight Watchers so hopes were running high as I went into the meeting.  I was sure I had done pretty well this week, since I could actually wrap my bath towel around me without my stomach sticking out :)   Sometimes it is the little things that make me so happy. 

goosebumps by zakonslike

So I stepped up on the scale had my weight record handed back and made my way to my seat.  Sat down and OH YEAH 2lbs down** this week.  So that made me a total of 11lbs in 8 weeks.  Which if you do the calculations in just a little over a pound a week.  Some weeks I was above the 1-2lbs while others I had gained 1-2lbs but factored out I average a 1.1lb weight loss a week.**.  So I am extremely happy.  Plus I am noticing differences, like the towel thing.  I am getting satisfied with smaller portions and finding myself not wanting to munch or snack as much as I wanted to at the start.  I am starting to see the changes, even if they are small, and I am loving it.  Every week I am more and more determined.  This plan is great.  It isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle change.  Diets are meant to fail a lifestyle change is meant to last forever.  I am just one more week closer to being healthy for the rest of my life.

** We are a Compensated Affiliate of Weight Watchers because we believe in the plan and what it helps men and women achieve every day. People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. ** 
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