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Addicted to Food premiered tonight on the OWN Network.  Archana Ram over at Inside TV has a write-up on the new reality TV series.

“Treatment shows have enjoyed a long shelf life on TV, but while it all started with drug addiction and hoarders, OWN attempts to change viewer’s perceptions with its newest original series, Addicted to Food, premiering tonight at 10 p.m. In the eight-part docu-series, eight eating disorder patients seek treatment with therapist Tennie McCarty at Shades of Hope, a treatment facility in Buffalo Gap, Texas. We spoke with producer Brad Lamm, a board registered interventionist, about the idea, what he thinks of other treatment shows, and the five reasons Addicted is different from the rest…”

Read the rest of the write-up here.

I actually watched the first episode tonight (I believe the series is broken into eight parts).  Bill wrote up an article on if there could be a link between weight gain and addiction earlier in the week.  The reality TV portion of the show aside, it was an eye opening account of how the addicts (specifically the compulsive eaters) used food as a crutch.  Some of the patients were trying to bury pain in their lives while others used it to find quick satisfaction. 

Shades of Hope, the treatment facility where the TV show was filmed, seems to take a holistic approach to help the patients address their problems (treating the hole in the patient’s soul).  On the first day, they brought the patients in and searched their belonging and laid down the ground rules of treatment — the patients must eat only the food they provide during the meal times they define, and ALL of the food they provide. The reason for this is to force the patients to change their eating habbits and get used to eating normal, balanced meals.  The counselors also do not allow the patients to see their weight while they are going through treatment, because they do not want the patients to allow a number to define them, focusing on the lifestyle change. 

Alcohol and drug addiction gets the most attention, but food addiction may very well be far more pervasive in America today, which makes watching this show a must for all of us who are also trying to address our food and lifestyle choices.  As healthcare costs rise, obesity and food addiction should, and hopefully will start to get mainstream attention in America.  Bravo to the OWN network for shining the light on the struggles many Americans are dealing with today.

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