Confession Corner…When the Calories Win

I am really hoping that I won’t be posting too many items under my new Confession Corner category.  But let’s face it, I am only human so most likely I will be.   Today I was really good until dinner.   My husband and I went shopping and decided to just grab something to eat while we were out.  We were pressed for time so I decided on fast food.  So off to Wendy’s we went.  I was so tempted to get a triple burger or well any type of burger.  But I was good and ordered the grilled chicken sandwich.  Then I was bad and ordered a large fry.  So here I am downing my sandwich and fries like I would never eat again, sipping on my ice tea.  I am thinking ok I was good I got the chicken, I just won’t eat all the fries…it is all good.

Um no it wasn’t because after I inhaled the chicken sandwich and ate half my fries I was offered one of my husbands “extra” (because he never knows how hungry he really is or how hungry the boys are so he would rather have more than not enough food) double jr. bacon burgers.  No, I tell him I am fine.  My Calorie Junkie soul starts screaming: “But you really wanted a burger and ordered the chicken just take a bite…a bite. What harm can one bite have?”

Well I found out what harm one bite can be as I suddenly had an out of body experience.  When I came to the entire burger was gone.  I looked at the wrapper and thought: “How the HELL did that just happen!” So know I have to do the walk of shame and go home and count up all the points this is costing me.  Well I almost cried when I realized that the amount of points I just ate in one meal was more points then I should eat in an enitre day!

HOLD ON!!! There is a ray of light to all of this.   Weight Watchers is helping me to realize just how BAD my eating habits were/are.  Also with a diet I would have been screwed.  Would have felt that I had blown it and why continue. This is what I LOVE about  Weight Watchers .  They give you and extra points a week to use incase you have a day like today or a special occasion to splurge on.  So the extra  points I consumed tonight comes out of my reserve bank.  I try not to use the reserve bank at all.  To my thinking, if I don’t use the extra points I most likely will loose more weight a week.  I could be wrong but it seems logical.

Like one of the members of my  Weight Watchers meeting states: Tomorrow is a new day just get up and back on to your points.  So I am taking that to heart and am determined to stick to my set point values tomorrow.  It is all about better choices and I am slowly starting to realize it and I think my perception of food is slowly starting to change too.  So next time I head to Wendy’s my game plan: Chicken Caesar Salad or Mandarin Chicken Salad. If I am craving a burger: Jr. Hamburger.

What have I learned:

  • Plan ahead and know where you may go to dinner
  • You can eat fast food and still stay on track
  • I can make better choices
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